Confusion Reigns about Affordability

Whilst the Highways England Consultation Brochure sets out six route Options for consideration, Question No. B2 in the Consultation Response Form implies that only the two on-line Options (Cyan and Beige) are likely to be affordable. This has caused considerable consternation, confusion and even fear that, come what may, Highways England’s desired solution is either one or the other of these two routes - or nothing. This is not the intention, and Highways England has confirmed that all six Options are affordable, and that if they were not then they would not have been included in the list. To this end, they highlight the words in the “tiny” footnote on page 2 of the Consultation Response Form which say: “Through securing additional funding, value engineering and contractual efficiencies” Thus there is no doubt that, whilst this lack of clarity and especially the design of the Response Form have lead to the confusion, all six Options are still available as valid choices. Please therefore do not assume that the only choices are between Cyan, Beige or “Nothing”. The other four Options, Crimson, Amber, Magenta and Grey, are all still valid possibilities, and that we therefore continue to encourage you to vote for the Magenta Option on the basis that it is the least worst of the six, and is the best solution to deal with the traffic congestion on the A27 in the Arundel area, both now and in the future.


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