OneArundel and Arundel Town Council Agree – It’s Magenta

We are very pleased to report that at the Full Council Meeting on Thursday evening (12 September), Arundel Town Councillors voted to support the A27 by-pass Magenta route Option (4/5AV1).

This was on the basis that the Magenta Option achieves the goal of genuinely by-passing Arundel, it affects relatively few properties outside Arundel, and is one of the least environmentally damaging.

Also, this is in addition to the decision taken at the Arundel Town Council Meeting on 4 September when all 12 Councillors voted unanimously against supporting either of the Cyan or Beige Options, both of which would follow the current route of the A27 through the very centre of the town.

This excellent piece of news means that OneArundel and Arundel Town Council are aligned in their opposition to Highways England’s route Options Cyan, Beige, Crimson, Amber and Grey.

Hopefully we can now work together to urge Highways England to take note of the views of the majority of Arundel residents, and thus take the Magenta route Option forward to the next stage of the planning process.

We shall be posting a leaflet though all the local doors in the very near future, and we ask that all our supporters – and your friends and colleagues – do not miss this great opportunity to have your say about the awful traffic congestion that has been afflicting the Arundel area (as well as the villages to the north of here) for years.


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