Highways England Announce Minor Corrections to Consultation Brochure

Highways England have announced that they have made a small number of corrections to the consultation brochure.

HE said "The corrected brochure is available online, at all our consultation events and at convenient locations across the Arundel area from 13 September. These corrections are summarised in the below table on the letter linked below."

"The corrections relate to data entry issues when the consultation brochure was produced from the underlying project documents. The corrections do not affect or change the assessments undertaken and reported in the consultation documents, but simply relate to the drafting of the consultation brochure."

"Because Highways England is committed to full and open consultation, and because we want people responding to the consultation to have all the facts available."

The full HE letter of 13 September detailing all the corrections can be found here.

The updated Consultation Brochure is available on the HE website and can be viewed here.


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