Are You Ready for the Next Consultation?

(Click on the map image to download a pdf of the Route Options)

Lest people should be concerned that the A27 Bypass project may have gone off the boil, the most recent information from Highways England is that the planning work is still underway, and that the latest project timings are:

  • Late summer 2019 - Further options consultation

  • 2020 - New preferred route announcement

  • 2020 - Statutory consultation on the preferred route

  • 2021 - Submit application for a Development Consent Order under the Planning Act 2008

  • 2022 - Start construction

Whilst Option 5A is still the official Preferred Route, HE is assessing a number of other route options. These are shown on the Indicative Route map (below), and we expect that the new public consultation exercise will include either five or six possible options.

These route options will probably include two versions of Option 1 which would follow the current route and continue to split Arundel in two, Option 3 which would go through the SDNP including a considerable area of ancient woodland, and up to three versions of the longer Options 4/5, at least one of which will probably avoid the SDNP. We expect that the next public consultation period will only last for 8 weeks, so you are all encouraged to ensure that when the consultation starts no time is wasted before your responses are drafted. As happened in 2017, HE will hold a series of public exhibitions at venues across the area designed to give people the opportunity to ask members of the project team questions about the scheme. Exhibition panels containing information about the proposals will be displayed at these events, along with brochures and consultation questionnaires. HE will also provide consultation materials at various locations, including town and parish halls and libraries”.


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