SDNPA withdraw Judicial Review

Highways England has informed the South Downs National Park Authority that they intend to publish information on all route options for proposals for a bypass on the A27 at Arundel. They have confirmed this will include their analysis of all five route options inside and outside the National Park. They have said that their further consultation, in spring 2019, will give the public and stakeholders the opportunity to comment on ‘any detrimental effect on the environment, the landscape and recreational opportunities and the extent to which that could be moderated’ for all routes.

Margaret Paren, Chair of the South Downs National Park Authority, said:

“We are pleased that Highways England has now agreed to re-consult on options for the A27 bypass at Arundel. People should have the right to make informed comment based on all the information available and taking into account the National Park, including new evidence that Highways England will be tabling in the spring. Since this answers the reasons why the National Park Authority was pursuing a Judicial Review, this will now be withdrawn and I am pleased that Highways England are paying all of SDNPA’s legal fees incurred in bringing this challenge.”

Read more on SDNPA website.

See our News item on 12 October regarding HE and the new Consultation.


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