A view on a Bypass at Arundel from a Storrington resident.

A bypass is vital to the area surrounding Arundel. At present traffic avoiding delays at Arundel is diverting through the countryside and villages to the north of the town.

The air pollution in Storrington has been at illegal levels for years and, despite promises, nobody has managed to reduce it, yet many hundreds of new houses are being built in the area.

So far no road improvements have been completed to cope with these problems.

The Arundel Bypass will remove some of this traffic and pollution and will be a very welcome start to the improvements.

Some sort of notification to the residents of Storrington, many of whom are totally unaware of these proposals, would greatly enhance the support for an Arundel bypass.

I cannot see that the proposed Option 1 will be beneficial to the local residents going through the centre of the built-up area. Instead, Options 3 or 5A must be more beneficial.


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