Well made points supporting a Bypass at Arundel

Here are some well made points supporting a Bypass at Arundel by a concerned resident who has lived in the area for over 40 years.

"I fully support the aim of getting a proper completion of the missing link in the half-built Arundel by-pass.

The A27 is THE main east-west strategic highway for the south coast, and as such is a vital national, regional as well as local route.

The economic costs of the current delays, to say nothing of the massive environmental pollution caused by static and stop-start car and lorry engines is a scandal.

Rat- running through downland towns and villages to avoid the daily blockages merely compound and spread the problem.

We must not fall into the same trap as Chichester 6 months ago, or Worthing 20 years ago, when failure to agree on the solution or route led to cancellation of anything being done."


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