Antiquities support a Bypass at Arundel

For twenty-five years Antiquities has served a local, national and international clientele, all drawn to this family run business's effortless blend of ornate elegance, industrial chic, country charm and daring old world glamour.

Directors, Ian and Christina Fenwick say:

"At long last an opportunity to get our long overdue by pass. Access to the town is stifled by long traffic queues on a daily basis, weekends and Bank Holidays.

Many customers say that they won't even attempt to come to Arundel because it takes too long. Visitors frequently sate they will not return as they can't face the traffic on the A27 approaches.

The amount of air pollution we get from the A27 queues is a hazard to everyone. Whatever happens, we must have a bypass.

The pink/blue route is by far the most logical and the option of just widening the existing road would 'kill' the town for years while work is do please support this option....Antiquities and the majority of our customers do !!"

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