Arun District Council and Arundel Town Council agree to a common approach for the Arundel A27 Bypass

At their Cabinet meeting held on 31 July 2017 Arun District Council agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding "to facilitate a common approach between Arun District Council and Arundel Town Council to the forthcoming Arundel A27 By-Pass consultation".

Here is the Executive Summary of the decision:

"There has been an ongoing request from the community for a number of years to improve the A27 locally. The pace and level of interest in this process has increased dramatically following the recent decision of Highways England not to approve proposals for Chichester. A key reason given for this was lack of agreement on a preferred route between Councils.

It is, therefore, vital that a common approach between ourselves and Arundel Town Council is agreed. This paper sets out a proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the Councils and asks for Cabinet approval. It also updates Members on the timetable for consultation."

ADC Cabinet, as recommended in their report, RESOLVED – That

(1) the Memorandum of Understanding between Arun District Council and Arundel Town Council, which sets out common principles for working together towards a single solution for a new A27 Arundel By-Pass, be agreed; and

(2) the dates for the Highways England Consultation on the A27 Arundel By- Pass be noted.

The Memorandum of Understanding set out below, was also passed by the Town Council Traffic Committee on 4 May.

Both Councils (ADC & ATC) recognise the importance of working closely together on the future A27 development, with the ultimate aim of enabling all of the agencies involved to sign up to a single solution which meets the objectives set out below:

  1. Support of the concept of a by-pass, on the preferred pink/blue route, to help bring the different parts of Arundel town together.

  2. A final plan which should minimise the visual impact of any crossing of the flood plain through the use of a high quality design, including replanting.

  3. Exploration of the synergy between road improvements and flood defences.

  4. That the agreed solution should recognise and deliver against the wider strategic objectives for the area, including the economy and growth, air quality and road safety issues.


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