Feedback from visitors to Arundel.

Here are some recent customer comments overheard in the Arundel Antiquities shop in Tarrant Street.

“We don't come into Arundel at weekends because the A27 is too jammed."

"We never come to Arundel when there is anything on nearby as the traffic jams are too long."

"Bank Holiday's are too busy to get into Arundel. So now we just shop in Rustington."

"We haven't got time to queue to get into Arundel So now we rarely bother."

"We haven't been to Arundel for a long while. It takes so long to get here with the A27 traffic”.

Visitors to Arundel from both near and far are the lifeblood of the traders in Town, local businesses are already worried for their future.

A lively local economy adds to the vibrancy and vitality of the town enjoyed by residents as well as providing employment opportunities.


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