Roberts Transport (Sussex) Support a Bypass at Arundel

Roberts Transport (Sussex) Ltd are a family run road transport/distribution and warehousing company based in Brighton (East Sussex) and Littlehampton (West Sussex).

The company started out as an 'Owner Driver' operation in 2006 in a Sole Trader entity with one 44 tonne truck. In 2011 with four 44 tonne trucks, a van and a motorbike, the decision was taken to transfer to a Limited Company.

Managing Director Dave Roberts says

"We are fully behind the campaign being led by OneArundel to support the Government in finding a solution to the congestion on the A27 at Arundel. A bypass on the pink/blue route appears to be the best option to get transport moving in the South East. It will help to improve the living standards of the people who live locally, and it will allow my business to provide a smoother and quicker level of service."

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