A few of the comments from Social Media

Here are a small selection of comments from social media in support of a Bypass and OneArundel:

“Myself and my husband are totally for the bypass. We live in Warningcamp, I work in Arundel and my husband in Chichester, and we are fed up being stuck in traffic jams whichever way we try to get anywhere”.

"Please just get on and make it happen".

"I have travelled between Worthing and Fontwell for well over 30 years and it now takes me longer than before the duel carriageway sections were put in! I dread to think how long I have spent queuing to get through Arundel. I never understood why the bypass was never completed in the first place. I can see no down-side to your proposed route, the sooner it is completed the better for everyone using the road and living in the area. Good luck and lets get this done as soon as possible".

"In 2000 it was quite possible to drive from Chichester to Arundel at any time of the day with fairly minimal delay. Now for long periods of the day a decision has to be made at Fontwell whether to come home via Whiteways Lodge to avoid lengthy queues. Delays coming from Worthing direction are even worse and need no elaboration.........We need a solution now! A definitive bypass as proposed is in the interest of both the people of Arundel and surrounding villages, and of the growing and increasingly frustrated thousands bottled up along the South Coastal plain. We in the town should stop being so selfish and think much more about the latter’s needs and, indeed, of those trying to transit through our region."

“I have believed that a by-pass was necessary ever since we arrived in Arundel 21 years ago. You just have to come home from Worthing on a Friday afternoon to see the need for it. People saying that it will increase traffic are just talking nonsense. Traffic will increase anyway, and we are all responsible for it since we use our cars rather than public transport (where it exists). People who are against it are just selfish. So let the professionals chose the best route and do it as soon as possible”.

“The bypass would be welcomed by many of us who live beyond the boundaries of Arundel. It would improve travelling along the coast and make Arundel more accessible to us all in Sussex”

"The chaos of the A27 at the moment is harming businesses, stopping regeneration and driving holiday makers mad – no repeat visits. As a Blue Badge tourist guide I travel all over the South East. There are few areas as badly served as ours. I have to plan an extra half hour to arrive anywhere on time for my clients. The sooner the blue/pink route is adopted the better."

"My grandchildren live in London and they come to stay with me in Arundel during half terms and holidays. I like to take them walking in the countryside. They stayed with me recently and I wanted to take them to see the bluebells at The Dover. I found myself having to decide whether it was worth leaving Arundel to have to drive on the A27. Having picked them up at the Pease Pottage Services and driven home to Arundel, the prospect of getting back on to the A27 was such a depressing thought that we never saw the bluebells. What a sad situation! Another thing. Whenever I drive back from Chichester I usually now go via Whiteways."

"How long will we have to put up with an antiquated road system? Friends who have been visiting from overseas for many years just can’t understand. They are now asking whether it will be built in our lifetime! Let’s get on with it please for all the reasons you’ve outlined."

“I travel regularly to Chichester and Bournemouth, and the traffic queues generated by the road from Crossbush to the west side of Arundel are appalling. I live locally and the traffic is a major consideration when deciding where to take visitors during the summer months. I am sure this is something many of us think about and must impact on tourist trade to the town and the viability of the shops trading there - I have noticed a number of stores closing down and the number of shops that seem to change ownership over a short period of time. I am all in favour of a new road - it just has to be better for our area”

"Just to say “Congratulations” on setting up OneArundel, which we most definitely need to group together all those who favour not only a proper bypass for Arundel but also the only sensible route – The Pink/Blue. I, like many others, returned the consultation forms nearly 30 years ago now, showing my preference for the Pink/Blue route. Now after all these years, there is a very real chance of seeing this happen. We must all campaign hard for the Pink/Blue route and avoid at ALL costs the terrible mess that Chichester got in with their consultations, resulting in the Minister withdrawing the money. This simply mustn’t happen in Arundel."


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