OneArundel is launched and wants you to sign up!

OneArundel, a group formed by local residents to promote the long awaited A27 Arundel Bypass, has today announced the formal launch of their website -

The A27 is already one of the most unreliable all-purpose trunk roads in England, and at Arundel the bottleneck causes congestion, delays, a high accident rate, air pollution, diversions onto unsuitable routes and it cuts the town into two. The delivery of an effective solution in the shape of the preferred pink/blue route will benefit local businesses and residents, as well as serving national and countywide interests.

The OneArundel group’s aim is to raise awareness of and support for an offline dual-carriageway bypass on the pink/blue route which will take traffic away from the town, thus alleviating the problems which have plagued Arundel for many years.

David Cooper, Chairman of the group, explained that:

“It is very important that the pro-bypass views of the majority of the residents of Arundel and the surrounding areas are heard loud and clear. We have waited for over 30 years for a bypass so it’s essential that we do not miss out. There have been several false starts over the years, but with everyone’s support we can make sure that the real solution to Arundel’s traffic problems can at last be realised.

We will work together with interested individuals, businesses and organisations to support the work of Highways England, with the aim of being fully ready to participate in the public consultation exercise later this summer.

The reason the OneArundel name has been chosen is to recognise that the building of this road would enable the town to reunite.”

Vice Chairman Derek Waller added:

“There are many compelling reasons why the offline bypass should finally be built. Apart from the major issue of traffic flow, - and remember the A27 is the key East-West national trunk road through the region - it is hugely important for the economic growth of the local area.

We therefore welcome the Government’s commitment to the early provision of an off-line, dual carriageway A27 Bypass and we welcome active support for our ‘OneArundel Project.”

The MP for Arundel and South Downs, Nick Herbert, said:

“I welcome the launch of OneArundel to make the case for the much-needed bypass. Congestion in Arundel doesn’t just affect the town - it drives traffic up through the South Downs and the National Park, badly affecting many villages in my constituency. That’s why I believe there’s wide support for the bypass across West Sussex.

This long-awaited improvement will reduce congestion, encourage local investment and be good for the local environment. I fought hard to have the bypass included in the Government's roads programme, and work is due to start in three years time. Such a major investment would be a tremendous boon for our area, and we must not lose it.”

Paul Dendle, District Councillor for Arundel & Walberton commented:

“Many thousands of cars use the A27 through Arundel. We need a bypass to cut air pollution, as well as to improve our economy and the general quality of life. This is why I support a bypass using the pink blue/route. I might add this was the route supported by all of Arundel and formally adopted by the Department of Transport nearly 25 years ago as the preferred route”.


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