Poor A27 Throttling Business Say Rinkit Ltd

Since 2008 Rinkit Ltd has sold products across the UK and Europe from their base in Littlehampton.

They started on Amazon and eBay, and now have two warehouses based in Littlehampton and another in Fareham.

Directors Rob Lowe and Richard Goss support an offline bypass at Arundel and say:

"In the ever changing e-commerce marketplace customers are demanding later and later cut off times for same day shipping. Whilst Littlehampton has many attractions for companies it is geographically a struggle for a company such as ours.

However, this problem is exacerbated by the poor road infrastructure throttling traffic in and out of the town and onto the A27. As a result of this courier companies push for earlier and earlier collections to avoid peak hours of traffic where their lorry can be idle on the Lyminster Road for anything up to an hour.

Sadly unless the infrastructure is developed to support local businesses then thriving companies such as ours will be forced to relocate resulting in a loss of over 30 jobs in the Littlehampton area."

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