15 Aug 2017

For twenty-five years Antiquities has served a local, national and international clientele, all drawn to this family run business's effortless blend of ornate elegance, industrial chic, country charm and daring old world glamour.

Directors, Ian and Ch...

15 Aug 2017

Medisort, was founded in 2009 to provide high quality processing and logistics from their base in Littlehampton. Medisort has a number of vehicles in operation at any one time, ranging from 3.5 tonne vehicles to Articulated 44 tonne bin exchange lorr...

7 Aug 2017

Samantha Walker, Director of Arundel Brewery is concerned not only with the effect on her business of traffic delays but also on the economy of the whole town as well; she says:

"Arundel Brewery's customers need to be able to rely on deliveries arrivi...

3 Aug 2017

Arundel First Friday hold regular networking meetings in the town that attracts business people from across West Sussex.

We are frequently told that people are arriving late, or not at all, because of the congestion on the A27, and the problem is so b...

2 Aug 2017

The directors at this Littlehampton firm depend on reliable and jam free roads for their business.

They say:

"At Smartphone Screen Repair we offer a collection and delivery service to customers across Sussex, but this is severely adversely affected by...

24 Jul 2017

A local taxi driver has sent OneArundel this quote:

As a professional taxi driver, I fully support this campaign and firmly reject the alternatives being put forward by the local NIMBYs.

The ideas they have will not solve the problem. I am frequently d...

4 Jul 2017

Mr R. C. Page, Director of R. T. Page & Sons Ltd said

"You certainly have the support of our company"

He continued "We have operated transport in the area for over seventy years and, have been frustrated repeatedly, by the various minority lobbies...

3 Jul 2017

Richard Esling, founder and director of Arundel Wine Society, Sussex Wine Academy, WineWyse and Business Strategy Consulting says:

"We give full support to the proposed pink/blue route for the Arundel bypass"

1 Jun 2017

Roberts Transport (Sussex) Ltd are a family run road transport/distribution and warehousing company based in Brighton (East Sussex) and Littlehampton (West Sussex).

The company started out as an 'Owner Driver' operation in 2006 in a Sole Trader entity...

16 May 2017

Geoff Edwards, Executive Vice President UK Operations for Bowers & Wilkins has said:

"We wholly support the need for the Arundel Bypass as part of the overall improvement of the A27.

As a major employer in the area the congestion on the A27 affect...

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OneArundel and Arundel Town Council Agree – It’s Magenta

September 14, 2019

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October 18, 2019

James Butler, writes in the Littlehampton Gazette on 16 October that:

An improved A27 in West Sussex could see the turnover of businesses increase by 8%, a Coastal West Sussex survey has found.

As the debate surrounding the A27 rages on, The Coastal West Sussex Partnership, a collection of business leaders, has collected the views of businesspeople that use the road for work and announced its support for three of the six propose...

October 12, 2019

At a special meeting of Arun District Full Council on Thursday 10 October, Councillors debated and shared their views on the A27 Arundel Bypass Further Consultation.

Following discussions on each of the routes proposed by Highways England, Councillors were asked to vote on their preferred option.

The outcome of the vote held was that Arun District Council will respond to Highways England to express their support of the Magenta o...

October 9, 2019

Local Arundel Councillors representing both Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council have all united to support the Magenta route for the A27 Arundel Bypass in the latest consultation being carried out by Highways England.
The consultation, which is currently taking place until the 24th October, is being re-run after the result of the previous consultation faced a judicial review of the process. This has led to c...

October 7, 2019

Whilst the Highways England Consultation Brochure sets out six route Options for consideration, Question No. B2 in the Consultation Response Form implies that only the two on-line Options (Cyan and Beige) are likely to be affordable.
This has caused considerable consternation, confusion and even fear that, come what may, Highways England’s desired solution is either one or the other of these two routes - or nothing.
This i...

October 7, 2019

Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert renewed his call for an Arundel bypass to tackle congestion and relieve traffic through the historic town and the South Downs National Park.

In a statement to a meeting of the South Downs National Park Authority on Monday (1 October), Mr Herbert made the case that the Magenta route within the further round of consultation by Highways England would act as a “National Park relief road”, signi...

September 17, 2019

Following detailed examination of all the information currently available on the options put forward by Highways England, Arundel town councillors have voted by a large majority (11-1) to support and campaign for the Magenta option.

This route is a genuine bypass and has only very limited impact on the South Downs National Park and ancient woodland. Councillors believe that this route will safeguard the unique quality of o...

September 14, 2019

We are very pleased to report that at the Full Council Meeting on Thursday evening (12 September), Arundel Town Councillors voted to support the A27 by-pass Magenta route Option (4/5AV1).

This was on the basis that the Magenta Option achieves the goal of genuinely by-passing Arundel, it affects relatively few properties outside Arundel, and is one of the least environmentally damaging.

Also, this is in addition  to the decision...

September 14, 2019

Highways England have announced that they have made a small number of corrections to the consultation brochure.

HE said  "The corrected brochure is available online, at all our consultation events and at convenient locations across the Arundel area from 13 September. These corrections are summarised in the below table on the letter linked below."

"The corrections relate to data entry issues when the consultation brochure was pro...

September 10, 2019

The OneArundel A27 Bypass Support Group is recommending the Magenta Option as the least worst of the six Options offered by Highways England in their latest Arundel Bypass public consultation exercise and, as a result seeks your active support for this decision.
There are two major questions associated with this consultation exercise:

  • First, is there a need for an A27 bypass at Arundel?

  • Second, which o...

August 30, 2019

[Full text of the Press Release]

The plans will help improve journeys for tens of thousands of drivers using the A27 around Arundel, the only section of single carriageway between Worthing and the New Forest. Each option aims to protect Arundel’s historic town centre and draw long distance traffic away from other, less suitable roads through the South Downs National Park.

Each of the six route includes creating a new dual carria...

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